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COMPANY OVERVIEW | February 2012


1 SKMP Design


HOME Our Vision and Goal Our vision is to offer an international multi-disciplinary service at a local level, offering our clients and partners a reliable and strong service and co-operation for all aspects of the built environment. We feel that with our knowledge of the local market and technical skill we are a strong partner. We look forward to further growth and development of our resources as Georgia, with her geopolitical position, cultural heritage and intellectual capacity becomes a key and important part of the wider world.


History SKMP began in 1934 when The Georgian Design Institute for Urban Development and Regional Planning was established, the Institute became the key design institution for regional and town planning as well as architectural design and engineering. Over the years we have evolved to the market conditions as Georgia has developed. This has not always been easy but we have been survivors and continue to offer a high level of service and quality throughout these times. More recently SKMP has been registered as a limited company, Akhali Sakkalakmshenproekti Ltd, and is now in the ownership of the management who, realising the need to evolve further as Georgia looks further a field for foreign investment would be eager to partner with a group of foreign investors. Together they are sure to be able to complement one another with a blend local and international experience and knowledge and thus providing a fully functional and operational international multidisciplinary consultancy. Who we are We have undergone a number of changes through the years as Georgia has gone through various political and social changes and have managed to adapt accordingly to the modern Georgia as our Akhali Sakkalakmshenproekti Ltd.



2 technical skills, intellectual potential and professional status have remained consistent. We look forward to the return of economic prosperity to Georgia both through local and foreign investment. With our staff of approximately 50 people and wide network of other specialists we are prepared to offer a wide array of services within the built and natural environment and are able to adapt and accommodate to our Clients’ demands. What we do Further to this the institute offers the full architectural, engineering, environmental and geotechnical services associated with the built environment; this allows us to be involved from masterplan inception and planning through to concept designs of buildings and detail design for both tender or execution. In addition we have a skilled mapping and topographical services as well as functional planning and quantity surveying. We are able to work at any level of a project with our engineering department willing to be involved from concept through to detailed execution drawing. Alternatively we are able to offer due diligence in terms of design reviews as well as site supervision during construction. Our MEP team also has experience with tenant fit outs and so we make the perfect partner for any multinational or local company looking to relocate their offices. We also plan to extend our project management team.

Akhali Sakkalakmshenproekti Ltd



3 Urban and Spatial Planning We are able to develop schemes from residential projects through to town planning. From developing a concept through to supervising the implementation. Geotechnical, Environmental and Groundwater Studies Topographical, engineering geological and hydrological surveying, laboratory testing of soil and groundwater samples to include: shear, compression, strength, consistency, salinity tests of soil samples; ground water chemistry to specify its components and degree of corrosiveness with respect to concrete and reinforcement; investigation of possible soil or groundwater pollution/ contamination, and preparation of comprehensive geotechnical reports. Our Geotechnic & Environmental Studies Department and its laboratory possess all the equipment, machinery, tools, laboratory appliances and computer facilities required to carry out the above works. Mapping and Topography SKMP is able to provide mapping and topographical surveying for asp[exts varying from small plots to surveying large regional areas. Indeed our archives include the complete topographical mapping for Georgia. Architectural design SKMP has a long history of architectural design, historically being involved in many of the landmark buildings throughout Tblisi and the rest of Georgia. With an experienced team mixed with young imagination and technology we are able to satisfy all expectations. Structural engineering Our team of structural engineers forms one of the strongest and most respected groups within Georgia. They bring knowledge of the local market with an understanding of the international aspirations and deliver to meet all levels. From concrete to steel structures they are able to advise on the best method and with the close collaboration of the Geotechnical team are able to design efficiently but safely ensuring all codes are met. Utilities and infrastructure design As the Georgian infrastructure is constantly upgraded we are well placed for all utilites design; be it simple connections to a building to a complete urban infrastructure we are able to provide a complete service advising on best design and materials and methods. Mechanical & electrical building services design including low currents Akhali Sakkalakmshenproekti Ltd.



4 With SKMP’s complete team of mechanical and electrical engineers we are able to offer services for all aspects of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, small power, lighting, earthing and lightning, through to low currnet and BMS design. Project Management and Cost estimation SKMP is constantly striving to keep up to date of current costs both on the local market and on the international market. Our team of quantity surveyors are able to understand any specification and provide a detailed summary of costs and presenting it clearly to the client. We also have an able project management team who are able to provide structure to any project from basic levels such as arranging regular meetings, taking minutes, following up actions to providing advice on planning and procurement procedures. We are able to advice on contracts and also offer change control procedures. Functional planning Our team of functional planners are able to look and any manufacturing or industrial process and ensure that adequate spatial allowances and flow between elements are ensured and provide an optimum deisgn to ensure Clients best interests are achieved. Feasibility studies and business plans SKMP have been responsible for many feasibility studies and have the ability to conctinue to provide this service. We are able to consider and analyse all geological and human aspects of any plan and advise the Client in a clear and concise manner accordingly.