Our Vision and Goal Our vision is to offer an international multi-disciplinary service at a local level, offering our clients and partners a reliable and strong service and co-operation for all aspects of the built environment. We feel that with our knowledge of the local market and technical skill we are a strong partner. We look forward to further growth and development of our resources as Georgia, with her geopolitical position, cultural heritage and intellectual capacity becomes a key and important part of the wider world.


History SKMP began in 1934 when The Georgian Design Institute for Urban Development and Regional Planning was established, the Institute became the key design institution for regional and town planning as well as architectural design and engineering. Over the years we have evolved to the market conditions as Georgia has developed. This has not always been easy but we have been survivors and continue to offer a high level of service and quality throughout these times. More recently SKMP has been registered as a limited company, Akhali Sakkalakmshenproekti Ltd, and is now in the ownership of the management who, realising the need to evolve further as Georgia looks further a field for foreign investment would be eager to partner with a group of foreign investors. Together they are sure to be able to complement one another with a blend local and international experience and knowledge and thus providing a fully functional and operational international multidisciplinary consultancy.