Options at home:

1. High-quality concrete foundation, concrete slab is poured around the perimeter of the house, installation of the required number of concrete piles, plus all earthworks.
2. The walls of the house are made of panel slabs, design at your discretion, between the panel slabs we fill in foam concrete or polystyrene concrete, all construction takes place strictly according to the rules and technologies.
3. Reinforced concrete belt, which allows you to give an extended warranty on the house.
4. Logs of a floor and a ceiling from a monolithic plate.
5. The roof includes rafters, lathing, hydro and wind protection, metal tiles of any color according to GOST, pediments are also made of a block, which makes the structure stronger and warmer.
6. The windows according to the project are three-chamber with micro-ventilation.
7. Insulated safe door with mounting.
8. Exterior finish according to the project, turnkey plastering with decorative elements.
9. Interior decoration including partitions, both in our and your project, the price does not change, plastering, preparation for finishing.
10. A guarantee for all works and materials is 5 years. Ready for year-round living and long service. The construction period is 3-6 months.
Perhaps the construction of houses from the foam block, gas block and other types of blocks. Any projects and layouts, any sizes of houses, including projects of increased complexity.